Avoid THIS To Improve Your Dragon Boat Form (With Drills) No ChickenWing with Swan Drill

Want to improve your dragon boat paddling form? Join Jeff Dang and Nevan McCabe in the first video in a series where we break down common technique mistakes in order to help you become a better dragon boat paddler. In this video, the coaches break down a common paddler pitfall known as the "chicken wing" (when your top arm bends too much and you're unable to fully utilize your press), and present a useful drill to help you mitigate this issue. Practice this dragon boat technique drill poolside, on a Concept 2 erg with paddle adapter, on a Dragon Boat Whipr, or on a boat with your team during the season. Paddles Up is a group of passionate paddlers eager to share our knowledge with you. We are not personal trainers, physicians, or experts in the areas of health, fitness, or Dragon Boating.

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