Dragon Boat Technique For Beginners - How To Paddle

Learn the Dragon Boat paddling stroke (and some helpful tips and tricks to improve your form!) in 8 minutes! Are you brand new to dragon boat? Have you never heard of dragon boat but want to see what it’s all about? Are you looking for ways to hone in and refine your technique? Watch on and be sure to subscribe for more! This practice can be done on a Concept 2 with a paddle attachment like us, or it can be done poolside with a paddle, sitting on a chair with a broom, or in a boat with your team. Find what works for you and follow along! This video goes through the basics of the set up, catch, press, and recovery. Other teams have different ways of breaking down the stroke, and we decided to present what we’ve found works well for new paddlers. If you have other techniques or tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments. Paddles Up is a group of passionate paddlers eager to share our knowledge with you. We are not personal trainers, phycisians, or experts in the areas of health, fitness, or Dragon Boating. 0:00 - Intro 0:30 - The Paddle 1:40 - Form And Basic Technique 5:09 - Tips And Tricks 8:26 - Outro

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